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You've got a product, a project, a piece of art—and your people want to hear about it. You want your people to hear about it. You just aren't sure how to get there.

Let me help you share your words, whys, and hows in a way that authentically sounds like you. Connect with me, and I’ll help you connect with your audience—because what you do is not just about the bottom line, it's about connection. 

Focus on what matters most—working on your work!—and let me take care of the rest.



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Hi, I'm becca

Born in Connecticut by the New York line I’ve always lived in the space between things. As a part cider-loving New Englander, part fast-walking pizza snob, I grew up to be a ‘both/and’ kind of woman. Now, I appreciate the outdoors as much as air conditioning, walking with the dog as much as napping with the dog, and reading the book as much as seeing the movie.

As far as careers go, I’ve spent mine as a nurse. For nearly seven years I’ve delivered evidence-based science-minded care to women, but nowadays I’m leaning into the more creative half of my brain. With a closet full of art supplies and an MFA in the making, it’s been totally refreshing to stretch out those hypothetical muscles and do what I love most: writing. Which brings me here! Writing for fun and writing for others—living the both/and kind of life. 

Other things I love when I’m not stringing words together: good coffee, great wine, football season and the ocean. Living authentically, vulnerably, and going with my gut. Old friends and new friends and you! Thanks for stopping by—I can’t wait to say hi. 


I believe in words! They build poems and books and billboards and songs and tell stories and share hearts and move mountains. I love working with them, and I'm convinced that when we're doing what we love—and helping others pursue what they love along the way—the world gets a little brighter for all of us.

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