September 8, 2021

fall cleaning

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September is here! Something about this time of year feels more like it calls for spring cleaning than spring does—back-to-school vibes make me want to prep for the freshest of starts. Time for new pens, a clean desk, and a fresh outfit or two. If you’re feeling the urge to purge like me, this is where I started:

  1. Clean out the dresser. I did this last night, and you would not believe the amount of socks I was hoarding that had holes in them. It felt great to let go of the things that I hadn’t been wearing and refold the tangled t-shirts! I can see them all now, which means this morning I didn’t have to dig through a mysterious pile of clothing to find the right top. Much friendlier start to the day. Up next: the nightstand drawers, junk drawers, and endlessly messy hall closet.
  1. Back to school shopping. Just because we aren’t heading back to class with new lunchboxes and sneakers doesn’t mean we couldn’t use a few new supplies! I got a great Home Edit planner and a new set of pens (that write like a DREAM but I always seem to lose). Feels good to feel fresh.
  1. Reflect on the summer. Going beyond the to-do lists, what were you grateful for this season? What did you learn? What could you tweak to get into good habits for the last months of the year? As for me, I’m grateful for a beach vacation, my crazy dog, and a new gym membership. And now? Going to bed at the same time every night has been a game changer. I’m going to keep that one up.
  1. Reevaluate the schedule. Speaking of bedtimes, is your routine where you’d like it to be? Flexibility is great, but sometimes getting into a rhythm and routine for the day can do wonders for your mental health (and productivity!). Establishing a solid morning routine (coffee, make the bed, journal), or an evening routine (skincare, read, reflect), can be a great place to start. After that? Sky’s the limit.
  1. Set some goals. Like a New Year’s Resolution but better. Start small—a goal for the week. The month. The season. Make it measurable and attainable, like ‘I’d like to take my dog for three walks this week,’ ‘I’d like to weed my garden once a month,’ or ‘I’m going to save X amount of dollars by Christmas.’ Write them down, then check them off!

And, yes, even though September is still basically just as hot as August, it’s officially pumpkin spice season. I’ll be sitting in my living room with a cozy candle, new socks, and pumpkin coffee, living—as they say—my best life. What about you?

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